Welcome to My Live Recording Trade Page

Welcome to my new trade page for live recordings.
This page was created to replace my original page located here.
This page is meant to be more comprehensive with full setlists, screnshots for
quality purposes, and known lineage.

The content within this page is for personal archival purposes.
None of the unofficial/unreleased material is for sale or officially distributed
Please support your favorite artists and purchase their official releases and buy tix to see them live.

Current Trading Status - Selective

Page Last Updated: January 15, 2021.

Trade Rules
If you contact me first you send first. If I contact you first I will send first. If we've traded before or you want, we can send at the same time. I usually give tracking.
Please use only high quality media. I use Sony and HP CD and DVD Media.
Do not write on discs. Either place in sleeves and write in pencil on it, or attach a sticky with show info.
Check all discs before sending. I check in a standalone DVD player as well as my computer.
Please do not trade me an officially released show.
Please make sure the show you send me is properly dated. I give as much info as I can on all my shows.
If you don't want me to trade a show out, just let me know and I won't list it or put NFT with reason.

Main Bands I am Looking for shows by

Black Light Burns - DVD
Black Map - DVD
Breaking Benjamin - DVD (2004-Current)
Bush - DVD
Chevelle - DVD from 2002-2014
Creed - DVD
New Years Day - DVD
Saint Asonia - CD, DVD
Sick Puppies - DVD (2006-2014)
Soundgarden (1996, 2012-2017)
Three Days Grace - DVD (2002-2012)